This is the last letter I have before Babe’s family knew he had been killed. It is from my Uncle Bob to Babe, dated May 17, 1945. There is no postmark.

Dear Babe:

Everyone here is fine. I hope you are the same.

Graduation is almost here for me (I hope) and my school career is almost over.

I am playing on the baseball team at the present time, second base, and field. We won two out of three games so far. I got three for three in my first game, three singles, and I walked almost all the other times, so my batting average is 1000.

I and the rest of us were trying to figure out your batting average, I mean points. How many do you have? You will probably be unlucky enough to just miss it, but I hope not.



PDF: The Last Letter to Babe

One thought on “The Last Letter to Babe

  1. Barbara Greenbaum says:

    Excellent! Good job nephew! I am proud of you!

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